With These Rings - The three journeys within marriage

            Many marriages suffer simply from lack of information, some from the absence of new ideas, and others, born in naiveté, from lack of coaching and support. We know the pain and suffering that wives, husbands and children in unhappy marriages experience. 
            Marriages, like healthy gardens, require a good deal of intelligent attention and support. We know blame doesn't work. Also, punishment, withdrawal, attacks, verbal abuse, coldness, self-righteousness, and resignation all only make an unhappy situation worse.

            We invite couples to try a totally fresh approach to relationship. We invite you into “The Marriage Conversation.” With These Rings offers a new concept and a fresh approach to the challenges couples face.
         With These Rings is built on three foundations:

      *        First, we offer a philosophy of marriage that invites you to become partners for life. To do that, you will need inviting and compelling reasons to work with each other even in the darkest of times.
      *        Second, we offer a structure of relationship. The Three Domains of relationship offer unique and fascinating possibilities for expanding and deepening communication.

      *        Third, With These Rings is based on a faith in the love (your love) that brought you together in the first place. We will help you get re-grounded in that love. 
               You'll learn to use conflict as a pathway to intimate relating, to uncover the unique “fingerprint” that you bring into relationship, a method for increasing self-esteem, four listening styles, and you'll discover the power of the three “marriages” within marriage.


With These Rings is a new paradigm. A creative approach to marriage that helps couples rethink and reimagine their relationship. The With These Rings project was developed by Stephen Frueh and Lynn Comley as a tool to help you build a stronger marriage. By studying the With These Rings paradigm, you can learn to analyze your relationship, and discover the hidden journeys within your marriage. Let Stephen Frueh and Lynn Comley take you on this journey through your marriage in the With These Rings experience. Realize the potential of your relationship with your spouse by exploring the With These Rings paradigm.With These Rings is located in East Ventura County, 93065.