With These Rings - The three journeys within marriage
Stephen Frueh and Lynn Comley

           In the early, exploratory stages of their relationship, Stephen and Lynn realized the old definitions of marriage had little appeal to them. They interviewed other couples about their ideas of matrimony.       
          “We got a lot of the usual stuff: ‘it’s commitment', 'it’s being best friends', 'it’s being faithful to another person', 'it’s for life'. We discovered that most people hadn’t really given it much thought," Stephen recalls.
           They also noticed familiar patterns: first the wedding, then the house, then the family. While many couples were fairly competent at establishing a good material base, “we found that no one offered them a model that would help them grow over time – relationally,” Lynn said. “They lacked a philosophy of marriage that could sustain them. And, as the hormones wore off, many couples lost confidence in their love.”

           In the ten years they have offered marriage conversation groups, workshops and private coaching, roughly 75 percent of couples have reaped positive results.        
           Married for 16 years, 
Stephen and Lynn say that without beliefs, values, vision and an understanding of each other’s needs, couples become complacent or hostile and lose the joy and growth marriage offers.
           “We created and teach a model that gives couples the basic structure of relationship—a map. We teach couples how to use the model to open communication and utilize conflict in a way that promotes intimacy and growth.” 
           With These Rings is built on three foundations. First, a philosophy of marriage that gives couples reasons to work with each other even in the darkest times. Second, faith in the love that brought them together in the first place. Third, the Three Journeys within Marriage that help expand and deepen communication.
           With These Rings is located in East Ventura County, 93065.

Stephen Frueh Lynn Comley
Stephen W. Frueh M.Div; PhD

            Stephen is a coach and educator who has a passion for teaching people the fundamentals of effective relationships. He created the With These Rings model, working on it for over ten years, and expects to publish it this year.       
            Raised in the inner cities of New Jersey Stephen is a high school dropout whose hunger for learning led him to earn a Master’s of Divinity (Theology) and a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Clinical Psychology. He has studied leadership with the BestWork People in San Francisco, CA, and regularly consults with organizations and businesses in leadership development.       
           Stephen has been a consultant to civic organizations, parent groups and schools and has spoken to groups across the country on relationships, leadership, personal success and self esteem. He has actively participated in Men’s Gatherings for the past fifteen years as well as spoken at several events.

           He brings passion and compassion to the challenges of relationship, the creation of ‘sustainable enthusiasm’ in marriage and the needs of families.
Lynn Comley Frueh M.A.; Psy.D; LMFT (#30361)

       Lynn is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, an expert in the unique field of “orientation in relationships.” Lynn brings a true warm heartedness to her practice, working with couples to define their choice of each other, deepening their commitment and helping them rediscover the enthusiasm for loving that started their journey.
       Lynn is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence (B.A.), California State University at Northridge (M.A.) and Ryokan University (PsyD).

With These Rings is a new paradigm. A creative approach to marriage that helps couples rethink and reimagine their relationship. The With These Rings project was developed by Stephen Frueh and Lynn Comley as a tool to help you build a stronger marriage. By studying the With These Rings paradigm, you can learn to analyze your relationship, and discover the hidden journeys within your marriage. Let Stephen Frueh and Lynn Comley take you on this journey through your marriage in the With These Rings experience. Realize the potential of your relationship with your spouse by exploring the With These Rings paradigm.With These Rings is located in East Ventura County, 93065.