With These Rings - The three journeys within marriage
The book, With These Rings, is now available
The book, With These Rings, is now available!
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With These Rings

"Dr. Frueh presents a new model for marriage that is compelling, inviting, exciting and real. He is a gifted writer and speaker. This will change the way you look at marriage."
    — Gerd Jordano 

"Using his vast experience, Stephen takes the standard premise of marriage and carefully and creatively repackages it to help the couple look at their relationship with different lenses and embrace it more authentically and intimately."
    — Dolly Cowen, MFT, PSY.D.

"The 'With These Rings' model has brought us closer and offered us a great template to get through the tough stuff that comes up over time."
    — Laura & Charlie McIntyre

With These Rings is a new paradigm. A creative approach to marriage that helps couples rethink and reimagine their relationship. The With These Rings project was developed by Stephen Frueh and Lynn Comley as a tool to help you build a stronger marriage. By studying the With These Rings paradigm, you can learn to analyze your relationship, and discover the hidden journeys within your marriage. Let Stephen Frueh and Lynn Comley take you on this journey through your marriage in the With These Rings experience. Realize the potential of your relationship with your spouse by exploring the With These Rings paradigm.With These Rings is located in East Ventura County, 93065.